Klein awards 49th Cops of the Month

Police Officers Yvette Rivera and Harry Pakiakis received the ‘Cop of the Month’ award from Senator Jeff Klein at the 49th Precinct Community Counsel meeting on Tuesday, February 24. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

For their courageous service and efforts to the community, Officers Yvette Rivera and Harry Pakiakis were awarded ‘Cops of the Month’ at the Tuesday, February 24, 49th Precinct Community Council meeting.

Each month, Senator Jeff Klein presents an award to outstanding police officers, selected for going above and beyond the everyday call of duty.

On Monday, January 26, Evenlyn Pinnock, 42, was arrested by Rivera and Pakiakis for allegedly robbing a Chase Bank, located 1308 E. Gun Hill Road.

River and Pakiakis tracked down the cab’s license plate number Pinnock and her associate, Kahlil Barton, used to flee the scene.

The officers were able to apprehend Barton and through further investigation tracked down Pinnock at the Paradise Hotel at Boston Road and Adee Avenue.

Pinnock is alleged to have been involved in numerous other bank robberies throughout the Bronx as well.

“They canvassed and apprehended her,” said Captain John Greeley of the 49th. “It was an awesome job.”

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