Jacobi doctor assesses health care facilities in Wisconsin

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Dr. Josh Moskovitz of Jacobi Hospital , went to Wisconsin with New York’s Disaster Medical Assistance Team in October.
Photos courtesy of Josh Moskovitz

During the summer, a doctor at Jacobi went with New York’s Disaster Medical Assistance Team and volunteered at a hospital in Texas for 10 days in July.

In October, he joined the team again, this time in Wisconsin, to assess their health care facilities.

“Their needs are very different than ours,” he told the Bronx Times. “Everyone is fatigued from this disease.”

While he did not get to attend a Green Bay Packers game, he traveled the state for a week. Moskovitz spoke with clinical staff and front line workers and gave guidance on how they could sustain survive the pandemic.

He found the trip rewarding and feels the medical professionals in the Cheese head state are doing the best they can to battle COVID-19 and keep people healthy.

“I believe they have the tools to succeed,” he said. “I was very impressed by how advanced some of the spaces were.”

Josh Moskovitz in Wisconsin





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