It’s hard to see in Soundview at night

It’s hard to see in Soundview at night
Many Soundview residents have reported that street lights on stretches of Bruckner Boulevard, from Castle Hill Avenue to Soundview Avenue, are not working properly.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

A scenario in neighborhoods of Community Board 9 has generated complaints regarding the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

According to residents from CB 9 neighborhoods, many street lights are not working in the neighborhood, particularly in Soundview.

Apparently, street lights along the Cross Bronx Expressway to the Cross Bronx Service Road North, just off of Rosedale Avenue, are out of order, creating a potentially unsafe condition for drivers who are forced to exit the expressway and merge onto the service road with little visibility

A Soundview resident posted a complaint online on Saturday, December 6, stating that “many street lights are out, especially where some traffic exits from the Cross Bronx Expressway – which generates a very dangerous situation at night, especially when it’s raining.”

Drivers aren’t the only ones who are potential victims in this situation. Reportedly, the lack of many working lights on stretches of Bruckner Boulevard from Soundview Avenue to Castle Hill Avenue, has created a dangerous environment for pedestrians as well, who find themselves vulnerable once night falls and the street is dark.

Another Soundview resident expressed her opinions regarding the situation at a 43rd Precinct meeting at Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, 1930 Randall Avenue, on Thursday, December 4, claiming that the dark stretch along Bruckner Boulevard “almost encourages acts of robbery and violence.”

Soundview isn’t the only neighborhood trying to deal with out of service street lights in recent weeks.

A majority of the street lights in Pelham Parkway, particular on the Pelham Parkway Service Road South from Williamsbridge Road to White Plains Road and on Pelham Parkway Service Road North from Bronxwood Avenue to White Plains Road, have also not been working properly.

CB 9 district manager Francisco Gonzalez, who was not informed of the situation, stated that residents need to report instances such as these in order to generate more awareness among the community and its leaders.

“There have been no reports from community residents of street lights not working,” said Gonzalez. “When situations like this are reported, we call 311, the DOT and local liaisons, as well as Borough DOT Commissioner Constance Moran to inform them and keep them updated. We deeply encourage residents to get in touch with Community Board 9 so we can address this situation and come to a solution sooner.”

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