Homeowner told: get rid of the junk

Neighbors charge a property owner appears to be operating an auto repair business on his premises.

The Department of Buildings is investigating a complaint about cars being both stored and repaired at 714-18 Throgs Neck Expressway.

The complaint, filed against homeowner Eriberto Torres on July 24, appears to be in the process of being resolved.

Councilman Jimmy Vacca personally visited the site, speaking with the owner in an attempt to extend an olive branch and resolve the dispute amicably with his neighbors.

“This is totally unacceptable,” Vacca said during a site visit on Thursday, August 13. “We cannot have people using their homes for their construction business or for auto repairs.”

Homeowner Torres told Vacca that the cars under tarps were classic vehicles dating back to the 1930s, and that he likes to work on and restore them as a hobby.

Vacca also noted there was a large work truck parked on the street in front of Torres’ neighbor’s home on August 13, and what looked like construction material on his lawn. Torres agreed to move the truck.

Torres also told Vacca that he felt his house and lawn looked fine, like the other houses in the area, but agreed to remove any construction material from the premises, anyhow.

Vacca subsequently did a follow up visit a few days later, and said that progress was being made.

“A follow-up visit to [714-718] Throgs Neck Expressway did result in a significant clean up,” Vacca said. “What remains is to clear the cars being stored on the premises. I do think that since my visit there has been a good-faith effort made on the part of the owner.”

As of press time, Department of Building records indicate that there is still an open complaint at the location for “illegal commercial and manufacturing use in a residential zone.”

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