Halloween, Diwali celebrated at Lincoln Hospital

(l-r) Ravi Batra, Esq., chair of the National Advisory Council for South Asian Affairs, Meenakshi Venkat, RN and Diwali Mistress of Ceremony, Ranju Batra, chair of the Diwali Foundation and creator of the US Postal Service’s Diwali stamp, Ruth Hassell-Thomspon, former NYS senator, Milton Nunez, CEO of Lincoln Hospital and Bala Kanna, MD and COO and chief safety officer at Lincoln Hospital.
Photo courtesy of NYC Health & Hospitals

Lincoln Hospital held recently celebrations for Diwali and Halloween. The Halloween celebration took place, fittingly, on Thursday October 31 and was attended by Lincoln patients, nurses and doctors, who all dressed in their Halloween costumes. The Diwali celebration, also known as the south Asian Festival of Lights, was held the following day on Friday, November 1.

Lincoln Hospital’s pediatric clinic patients with nurses and doctors in Halloween costumes.
Photo courtesy of NYC Health & Hospitals

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