‘Green’ locomotives unveiled at Oak Point

Four GenSet locomotives that use innovative technology to reduce emissions were unveiled at the Oak Point Rail Yard on Monday, June 29. (L-r) Deputy Mayor Robert Lieber, Congressman Jose Serrano, and Congressman Jerrold Nadler aboard one of the locomotives.

CSX Transportation unveiled four new locomotives at the Oak Point Rail Yard that promise to greatly reduce emissions as they operate in and around the Bronx.

The ultra-low emission GenSet locomotives were officially put into use after a ceremony including executives from the 180-year-old railroad freight company, Congressman Jose Serrano, Congressman Jerry Nadler, and other advocates for cleaner air.

The trains were launched on Monday, June 29, just hours before CSX Transportation became the first carrier in the nation to embark on a voluntary emissions reduction program.

“GenSet locomotives are part of our commitment to bring cleaner air to the Bronx and all of the communities in which we operate,” said Tony Ingram, executive vice president and chief operating officer for CSX Transportation.

The GenSet locomotives are retrofitted with three separate engines with 7,000 horsepower each. The engines on board each locomotive save energy and reduce emissions by operating only one or two of the engines when the locomotives are pulling smaller loads.

“The technology on these types of locomotives are the best technology I have ever seen,” Ingrahm said. “Even though the locomotives are painted yellow and blue, they are green on the inside.”

The Oak Point Rail Yard, a major switching station for the Albany region of CSX, is located in Hunts Point.

The south Bronx, where the yard is located, has the highest rates of asthma of any community in America.

According to Congressman Jose Serrano, the creation of the GenSet locomotives help reduce emissions by requiring less fuel to transport freight than tractor-trailer trucks or even traditional locomotives with single, larger engines.

“I applaud the ongoing efforts of CSX Transportation to move freight through my district with a minimum amount of environmental impacts,” Serrano said. “The growing use of rail freight in the Bronx is already responsible for taking thousands of diesel trucks off the road each year. With this project, CSX is ensuring that its locomotive technology is not only cost effective and efficient but also earth friendly.”

The GenSet locomotives were retrofitted with three separate engines that can be switched on and off depending on the size of the load through a partnership between CSX and Federal Congestion, Mitigation, and Air Quality Improvement funds allocated to the state and administered by New York State.

“The Department of Transportation is proud to have enabled the purchase of these ultra-low emission locomotives by CSX and welcomes their introduction in the Bronx, where air quality is a significant concern,” said Stanley Gee, acting commissioner of the New York State Department of Transportation.

The GenSet locomotives will operate in the Albany region of CSX, which includes all of New York State, Massachusetts, parts of Pennsylvania and New England, as well as a sliver of Canada.

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