Gjonaj petitions against the Morris Park Avenue Road Diet Plan

Gjonaj petitions against the Morris Park Avenue Road Diet Plan|Gjonaj petitions against the Morris Park Avenue Road Diet Plan
Morris Park is not listed on the Bronx Vision Zero Priority Map 2019.
Photo courtesy of Councilman Mark Gjonaj’s Office

Please support our local businesses and community by voicing your opposition and signing this petition in opposition to the proposed Road Diet Plan for the Morris Park Avenue Commercial Corridor in Bronx, NY.

Narrowing traffic lanes and parking lanes to create bike lanes on a commercial corridor of Morris Park Avenue will add more congestion to an already congested thoroughfare caused by double parked cars and trucks. Trucks will no longer be able to service the businesses on this street creating hardships for our local businesses. Morris Park Ave. is a major route that leads to many hospitals like NYC Health + Hospital Jacobi Medical Center, Montefiore Medical Center, Yeshiva University and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Emergency vehicles will have a harder time getting through to these areas with the added congestion and traffic from the road diet plan.

Driving on this Avenue is already increasingly difficult. It has been proven that the Road Diet Plan results in more congestion. More traffic on this main thoroughfare will cause more vehicles to use the residential side streets affecting the quality of life for our residents in the Morris Park area.

Metro North is currently doing a Bronx Metro North impact study in this area to ensure improvements around the proposed Morris Park Station. Metro North is working in coordination with the Department of City Planning (DCP), the NYC Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) —together with the Bronx Borough President’s Office and other key city agencies and stakeholders — which will be critical to ensuring the stations are thoughtfully integrated into the fabric of the neighborhoods they will serve. Why is DOT rushing to do the road diet project before the study is done?

Local businesses, several elected officials and local Civic Organizations are opposed to this plan. We will send this petition with a letter to the Mayor of New York City and the NYC Commissioner of the Department of Transportation.

We encourage the exploration of alternative safety measures and are open to further discussions on this, such as the implementation of high visibility crosswalks and leading pedestrian intervals.

o More traffic through residential neighborhoods in Morris Park

o Safety issues – increased response times for Emergency Services

o Hurt Business – narrowed streets would create such a traffic jam, patrons would stop coming to the area altogether

To sign the petition, visit www.change.org/p/bdeblasio-cityhall-nyc-gov-oppose-the-morris-park-avenue-road-diet-plan.

Morris Park Commerical Corridor has been delisted.
Photo courtesy of Councilman Mark Gjonaj’s Office

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