Gibson hosts Bronx ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ initiative in partnership with local school districts

More than 100 girls from all over the Bronx attended a recent meeting at Borough Hall as the borough president rolls out plans to embrace the My Sister’s Keeper initiative.
Photo courtesy Arlene Mukoko

Fulfilling a promise from her State of the Borough address to make gender equity a priority, Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson welcomed more than 100 girls from middle schools and high schools in districts 7-12 at Borough Hall to convene a meeting in partnership with Bronx school districts and the My Brother’s Keeper/My Sister’s Keeper district leads to announce efforts under the My Sister’s Keeper umbrella to anchor the initiative in the borough.

“We have witnessed the tremendous benefits that “My Brother’s Keeper,” has had on countless communities across the nation,” said Gibson. “Today we want to make the community aware of the many Bronx-based community organizations that are partnering with us to provide that same level of investment to see our young girls and teens strive and thrive.”

Bronx Deputy Borough President Janet Peguero with two students during a My Sister’s Keeper event at Borough Hall. Photo courtesy Arlene Mukoko

The goal of the partnership is to convene current girls’ empowerment efforts in schools and throughout the borough under the My Sister’s Keeper umbrella; create spaces for middle school and high school girls to connect with each other to support mentorship and continuity as students move from middle to high school; connect district leads and educators leading this work to resources including women holding leadership positions in various industries; and promote BRONX MSK branding to highlight the administration’s commitment to girls’ empowerment.

Students from Bronx school districts take part in the boroughwide initiative to support and mentor young girls. Photo courtesy Arlene Mukoko

The event featured a career panel featuring women in leadership positions moderated by Deputy Borough President Janet Peguero.

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