Friends Launch New Website Out of The Bronx

Launching a brand new website is always a difficult task, but a team of Bronx friends, dispite the hard work, think they have the next Internet sensation.

Nick Zallo, brothers Nick and Joseph Fasciglione, and Gjon Kocovic, who all grew-up and still live around Allerton Avenue, have officially launched their new website,, which allows anyone in the work field to ‘rip,’ or anonymously share any memorable and funny experience from their work day.

Back in late 2009, Zallo and Nick Fasciglione worked together. After a co-worker passed an obnoxious and confusing comment, the two jokingly imagined a website where they could write comments about their workday without providing their name or any contact information.

The foursome quickly began coming up with more ideas and concepts for a potential website and on September 25, 2010, took its first steps in becoming a reality when the group signed a contract with Bower Web Solutions, a website design firm in Ringwood, New Jersey.

“The concept of this website was so simple because it’s very often that people get annoyed with daily experiences at work,” Zallo said. “What makes this website so good is that people can vent without giving out their name or any form of information. It’s a good way to get everything out and have some laughs from it too.”

The website officially launched on Monday, April 11, along with its companion website,, which is a similar concept to, except people can post comments on how they feel about any government-related issue.

To help promote the new websites, the founders had one of their cars, a Saturn SL1, decorated in customized wrapping in Rhode Island and according to Joe Fasciglione, the car was a big hit as he and Zallo drove back home to the Bronx.

“We were at a rest stop and everyone kept coming up to us,” he said. “We know how other people feel because not everyone likes their job so we hope this could become a cool place to talk about it.”

The car has already been seen traveling through Morris Park and Pelham Gardens and the team hopes local residents spread the word and use the new website as often as possible.

“It’s definitely been a lot of work developing it, but we know it will all pay off,” Nick Fasciglione said. “The whole experience from day one has been amazing and it’s great to do something with people you’ve been close with almost your whole life.”

Dan Bower, president of Bower Web Solutions, was contacted by Nick Fasciglione and once the development of the website was underway, he had a good feeling about its outcome.

“This website is going to be a lot of fun for many people and if it’s promoted the right way, it has a chance to be huge,” Bower said.

Smartphone applications for the website are set to be released in late spring, and the group will also plans to launch other similar websites.

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