Four-Nine cop ‘nails’ gun-toting suspect

Officer Sean Williams holds up his Cop of the Month Certificate with John Doyle of Senator Jeff Klein's office. He shares a photo with

A nail-gun packing thug and his cohort have been yanked off Bronx streets with help from a 49th Precinct officer.

Officer Sean Williams was the center of attention at the 49th Precinct Community Council meeting October 2, accepting the Cop of the Month award, sponsored by Senator Jeff Klein.

Williams chased down three felons who tried to burglarize a Mace Avenue home, according to Four-Nine Captain Andy Johnson.

Police found a basement window screen torn and frame damaged, though nothing inside was taken.

A series of burglaries plaguing the Allerton nabe this summer led Johnson to shift more cops to the neighborhood, including Williams and his partner, Officer Yvonne Vizcarando. The pair came across the trio Sept. 10 on Mace Avenue moments after the alleged break-in.

“I looked them straight in the eye,” recalled Williams. “And they got spooked.”

Giving chase

The thugs quickly darted into backyards linking Mace and Hering avenues, eventually splitting up. One escaped.

One surrendered to Williams, while the other put up a struggle with the two cops inside a nearby bodega, with Vizcarando breaking her thumb.

Williams recovered a nail gun fashioned to look like a sawed-off shotgun inside that suspect’s pocket.Both suspects were charged with criminal mischief and criminal trespass.

“It’s cops like this out on patrol that just don’t drive around,” said Johnson. They take the 49th Precinct to heart.”

Williams has been a cop for ten years, with six of them at the 49th Precinct.

“This is why I became a police officer, to catch the bad guy,” said Williams, whose brother works for the Drug Enforcement Agency while his father served as a Trinidadian police officer.

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