Fine Fare supermarket being constructed

Fine Fare supermarket being constructed
A Fine Fare supermarket is under construction on 801 E. Gun Hill Road and is expected to be completed sometime in 2016.
Community News Group / Steven Goodstein

A new supermarket is under copnstruction in the Bronx.

A partially completed building, located on 801 E. Gun Hill Road will be the new location of a Fine Fare supermarket, according to a New York City Industrial Development Agency spokesperson.

The site, which previously housed a one-story, dilapidated commercial building which has since been demolished, will be a convenient food shopping location for the residents of Williamsbridge, a neighborhood that currently lacks supermarkets and food center establishments.

“This will be a good development for this area of the Bronx, giving residents another option for food shopping” said Father Richard Gorman, chairman of Community Board 12.

“Currently, most residents rely solely on bodegas, which is a very useful service, but it’s a service that residents can’t rely on all the time for foods such as fresh meat and seafood. This supermarket will be a great addition to the neighborhood, and will be more convenient for residents without access to transportation,” he said.

Fr. Gorman also added that the supermarket’s economy of scale will lead to cheaper prices for a wide variety of food items at a large venue.

The supermarket, being developed by East Gun Hill Road Food LLC., is expected to have its construction completed in 2016, although the site’s developer has not confirmed the project’s current status.

The siting of this supermarket in the northwest Bronx came to fruition thanks also in large part to NYCIDA’s Food Retail Expansion to Support Health (FRESH) program, which promotes the establishment and retention of neighborhood grocery stores in communities that are underserved and don’t have good grocery store options by providing zoning a financial incentives to eligible grocery store operators and developers.

The program is open to all grocery store operators that are renovating or constructing ‘full-line’, or heavily stocked, grocery stores that are located in eligible areas and meet various size and retail space requirements for fresh produce, perishable food/goods as well as nonfood grocery products.

“The FRESH program is a crucial part of bringing the grocery store to this area of the Bronx,” said Christopher Carroll, spokesperson for the NYCIDA. “The FRESH program has helped bring supermarkets to areas across all five boroughs and this supermarket will contribute significantly to the health and economic sustainability of the neighborhood and its residents.”

“The Fine Fare supermarket will directly benefit the Williamsbridge community by providing fresh food and produce to an area with too few grocery options,” Carroll added.

East Gun Hill Road Food LLC could not be reached for comment.

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