Ferry point Community

I apologize for not writing our column for a few weeks. I have been involved with many projects that have absorbed my column time.

Ongoing activities of Friends of F.P. Park:  September 20, Waterfront Cleanup and October 25, It’s My Park Day;

Ongoing work of Ferry Pont Community Advocates: Drainage problems affecting Ferry Point; planning for October 31 Halloween Costume Contest with and awards for both pets and children under 12.

I am also participating in very serious research supply for many environmental groups trying to get a moratorium on natural gas drilling in the upstate NY area. Many of our own community neighbors have their summer/retirement homes located in this area. This area includes much of our water shed that supplies NYC. The detrimental affects of bas drilling in previous areas of the country, leave many people frightened and very concerned over the lack of control being placed on the present companies involved.

Very toxic chemicals mixed with extremely large quantities (millions of gallons) of water are used to drill into the land. After the water is used the toxins and powdered rock have to be stored in large pits where they evaporate. The toxic sludge is then either dumped in the ocean, certain landfills?, or it is sometimes pumped into empty caverns under ground and left there “forever” unless there is shifting of the earth (blasting nearby, erosion due to underwater streams). In cases where these toxins escape, they poison wells and streams and everything else in their path.

If you can find time to address this important problem write a letter asking David A. Paterson, State Capitol, Albany, NY 12224, (518) 474-8390, to co-sponsor and support A11527, which was introduced by Assemblyman James Brennan (Brooklyn-44) in June. This bill mandates a two-year moratorium on permits to drill for oil and gas wells in NYS, granting the time needed to protect our resources. It would slow down the natural gas developers, who have been working fast to lease mineral rights from impoverished landowners throughout the Marcellus Shale ( in southeastern NYS). Drilling there would create substantial problems.

The drillers are trying to get permits to purchase water from the Delaware and Susquehanna rivers.  (They were just taking it illegally until this spring.)  But other groups are trying to stop and/or limit the amount of withdrawals. Let your other representatives know your feelings on this matter so they can vote accordingly when the subject comes up.

I want to thank the core group of United N.E. Bronx Civic Associations that meet once a month at the Brush Avenue Meeting Hall to brain storm ideas as to how to have a more efficient affect on our suffering community.

We each have allowed our life priorities to include some volunteer community research, advocacy, activism and leadership hours. We are trying to find our path to the most fruitful ways (“More bang for our buck” so to say) to direct these volunteer hours to make a difference in our Community. I salute your effort. Lets’ keep it up.

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