DOT approves Bronx Park E./Mace traffic light

By September, a traffic light will be installed at the busy intersection of Bronx Park East and Mace Avenue, according to the Department of Transportation. - Photo by Walter Pofeldt

Much desired pedestrian relief will soon come in the form of a traffic light at the highly traveled intersection of Bronx Park East and Mace Avenue.

According to a Department of Transportation spokesperson, the light should be installed before the end of September.

The decision came just months after a citizen submitted a request to the DOT in February.

Upon site evaluation, which included a look into traffic volume and the number of accidents at the location in question, among other factors, the DOT determined the light was necessary for the intersection’s safety.

Thrilled by the news, local resident Kay Cardona said, “I’m sure it will ease some of the congestion.”

While she admits the change will be difficult for the area’s drivers, who are used to the quickness of the neighborhood’s numerous throughways, she added it’s worth a little delay to ensure everyone’s safety.

“I know drivers need to get where they’re going, but pedestrians need to get there in one piece,” she explained.

Kenny Agosto, 80th District Leader agreed, saying even as a local driver he gladly accepts the stop light as a measure to protect the area’s elderly and youth who are always attempting to cross the busy intersection.

“If it’s going to save a life, I welcome it,” he said.

Having lived in the neighborhood since 1994, Agosto explained, “I think we have to have a smarter approach to traffic mitigation.”

Residing just blocks from the selected site, Agosto said, “I hear the screeches all the time and wonder who was hit.”

Unfortunately, being so close to both P.S. 96 and Pelham Parkway serves as an especially dangerous situation for local youth, who must cross the road for school or visits to the park.

Cardona said that not only are kids and the elderly often stuck at the site, looking for an opportunity to cross, but also women with strollers often find themselves waiting lengths of time for safe passage.

“We’re trying to figure out how to make our community safer,” Agosto said. In his opinion, the traffic light is a great start to help alleviate dangerous vehicular conditions.

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