Don’t start any new projects

Dear editor,

The challenge facing the MTA is how to come up with $51 billion to pay for the next 2020 – 2024 Five Year Capital Plan without going to debtors prison.

A significant portion is dependent upon a number of taxes and fees including Real Estate Transfer and Internet Sales Tax along with Congestion Price Tolling which combined equal $25 billion plus $10.7 billion in anticipated Federal Transit Administration funding.

The MTA must stop wasting millions on transportation feasibility studies for future system expansion projects that will never happen in our lifetime.

Do not initiate any new system expansion projects until each operating agency, NYC Transit bus and subway, MTA bus, Long Island Rail Road and Metro North Rail Road have reached a state of good repair for existing fleet, stations, elevators, escalators, signals, interlockings, track, power, yards and shops.

This should also include insuring a majority of subway and commuter rail stations are in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities (ADA) Act.

Ensure that maintenance programs for all operating agencies assets are fully funded and completed on time to ensure riders safe uninterrupted reliable service.

Has adequate funding been provided to support all of the above in the $51 billion MTA Five Year 2020 – 2024 Capital Plan?

If we are lucky, perhaps a down payment.

Larry Penner

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