DA presents mock trail at MPCA

Al D’Angelo and members of the Morris Park Community Association received a visit from executive assistant district attorney, Anthony Schepis, and representatives from the Bronx District Attorney’s Office to present a mock trial on Wednesday, May 13. Photo by Amanda Marinaccio

Members of the Morris Park Community Association had an opportunity to act as judge and jury and received a first-hand look into our justice system.

On Wednesday, May 13, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office sent representatives to the Morris Park Community Association, located 1824 Bronxdale Avenue, to perform a mock trial.

“Obviously this kind of service benefits both the District Attorney’s Office and the public because we are getting word out about what we are doing and the community is able to see the process of a jury trial so they are better informed,” said Anthony Schepis, executive assistant district attorney.

The mock trial depicted a business break-in and burglary, a shortened version of an existing open case, with a detailed explanation of the procedure for MPCA members as the trial progressed.

Representatives acted out the parts of the defense, prosecution, eyewitnesses, police response, and judge, entrusting the MPCA to act as the jury.

Divided into two groups, the room was full of energy and enthusiasm as the jury panels discussed the guilty or innocent fate of the defendant, with D.A. representatives helping each group with the charges and meanings.

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