Crowley condems kids programming propaganda

Determined to end the message of terrorism played to the Middle East’s most formidable minds, the U.S. House of Representatives, with assistance from Congressman Joseph Crowley, recently passed a bill to condemn the message of hatred and violence over the airwaves.

On Tuesday, September 9, Crowley and Tim Mahoney (D-FL) lead the 409 to 1 House vote to condemn Hamas for using the children’s television program “Tomorrow’s Pioneers” to spread messages of hatred, violence and anti-Semitism among Gaza youth.

Palestinian Legislative Council member Fathi Ahmad Hammad directs the Hamas-run station, Al Aqsa TV, which began broadcasting in the Gaza Strip in January 2006.

“Hamas’ usage of Al-Aqsa TV programming to promote hatred and violence, especially to our children is unacceptable,” Crowley stated. “Our children should be taught to respect and accept all people, no matter what their faith.”

Crowley and Mahoney introduced the bill, H.R. 1069, in response to the show’s controversial message.

“The show had Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny look-alikes telling children they ‘will finish off the Jews and eat them,’” Crowley explained on the floor of the House.

He added the network also played a puppet show that demonstrated the murder of President George Bush.

“If we are going to establish lasting peace in the Middle East, it will require far more than an end to military hostilities between warring factions,” Crowley explained. “It will require the creation of an environment where people can live side-by-side in peace.”

In addition to denouncing Hamas’ anti-Semitic, anti-Western programs, the bill calls on Egypt and Saudi Arabia to end broadcasts of the network to their people.

Similarly, members of the House are urging Middle Eastern governments to officially and publicly repudiate those who promote violence against Americans, Israelis and other groups.

“Today, we send a clear message to our friends and foes alike in the Middle East that we will not tolerate the indoctrination of hate in children,” Crowley expressed.

“The next leaders should not be brainwashed into hating the West and Israel.”

The bill further invites the U.S. President to consider designating satellite providers who knowingly broadcast incitements of violence against the United States as terrorist entities.

Crowley concluded saying, “I thank my colleagues for supporting passage of this important resolution, and for working with me to send a strong message to all parties in the Middle East that we must created an environment where we can establish lasting peace in the region.”

Congressman Joseph Crowley

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