Creative Image shears Locks of Love

Alexis Rose Molina, 6, with Creative Image owner, Francesca Falciano, during the salon’s 2nd annual Locks of Love day. Photo by Victor Chu

Creative Image hair salon used the store as an outlet to give to children in need by hosting their 2nd annual Locks of Love day.

The Locks of Love event was held on Thursday, November 13 from 3 to 5 p.m at Creative Image, located at 3162 E. Tremont Avenue. Learning from last year’s overwhelming response of over 17 hair donors, this year the specifications were narrowed down to children ages 5 to 12, preferring an appointment made in advance.

Ten-year-old Adriana Annunziata, who donated 10 inches during last years Locks of Love day, returned to assist and provide support for other children donating their hair.

Some kids came in with the hair already cut, such as six-year-old Alexis Rose Molina. Her mother had cut her hair a few days prior to seeing a flier up at P.S. 71 asking children to come put the child’s hair towards a better cause.

“She told me she wanted to donate it to the kids who don’t have hair,” said Adel Molina, mother of Alexis Rose Molina, “and I told her ‘Lexi, they have cancer’ and she said she wanted to give it to them.”

The Locks of Love foundation is a non-profit organization catering to financially disadvantaged youths suffering from long-term hair loss resulting from any diagnosis.

Amber Conino, 12, chose to donate her hair after watching a family member suffer through cancer.

“I have been waiting to cut my hair for a long time,” said Conino. “My grandmother had cancer and I remember what she used to look like and I wanted to help.”

Throughout the afternoon, owner Francesca Falciano also clipped the hair of others that came by wishing to donate their hair, in between her scheduled cuts.

The clean hair was braided, cut and placed in an envelope to send to the foundation, along with a form, allowing Locks of Love to send a thank you letter to hair donors in return for their support.

Though the salon had hoped for an increased turnout, Locks of Love will be receiving a generous hair donation from Creative Image and all who chose to participate.

“I am extremely proud and we love giving back to the community and those in need,” said Falciano.

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