Couple Honored at Valentine’s Dinner

Couple Honored at Valentine’s Dinner
When asked what was the best gift they ever gave each other, Carmen said when Augustine took her and three of the daughters to Puerto Rico to surprise her for her wedding.
Photo courtesy of Centers Health Care/Bronx Center

Bronx Center residents Carmen Ramirez, 79, and her husband Luciano ‘Augustine’ Arce, 91, have been in love for 57 years and their love began as a puppy love back when they met while going to the movies on 14th Street in Manhattan in the early 1960s.

They dated for one month and then married in 1962 in Puerto Rico.

Although Carmen and Augustine have three children together, Augustine has six children from his first marriage and Carmen has one child from her first marriage, which makes a total of ten.

Carmine was a stay-at-home wife and mother and her hobbies consisted of going to the beach, board games and enjoying their home life together.

Augustine is always a cheerful person and has been at Bronx Center since March 12, 2018 and Carmen followed Augustine six months later in September, both reside on the 4th floor and are very active in a variety of programs.

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