Concerned Pelham Bay Resident Has Health Insurance Reinstated

Winter is is a time when people are more vulnerable to get sick, and it’s no time to be without medical insurance.

The problem that Anita Germani faced had nothing to do with getting sick this winter, however, before the winter season even began, she was told she was going to be dropped from her mother’s health insurance unless a payment was made immediately.

On November 16, 2010, Germani notification at her home on 2917 Baisley Avenue from her HIP insurance provider saying that her premium payment was never received and that her plan was going to be cancelled. Germani claims she never received a premium notice.

Her mother, Gloria McGill, immediately contacted HIP the next morning to address the issue and was told that the insurance would be reinstated if a payment was received by the next afternoon. McGill did just that, but the check arrived too late and the provider refused to accept the payment, causing a cancellation of the policy.

Germani suffered a stroke back in 1999 and was covered under her mother’s HIP health insurance. After treatment, she regained her health and strength, but because of the stroke, she is always careful and needs health insurance in case anything ever happened.

“I really thought the insurance provider was looking for an excuse to drop me because I was a risk to them after I had a stroke,” Germani said. “It wasn’t fair, considering I was making every payment and then out of nowhere they tell me I missed a premium payment and that they were going to cancel my plan just like that.”

After efforts to reinstate her daughter’s health insurance failed, McGill turned to Senator Jeff Klein for help. She was very concerned with her daughter’s well being and she hoped that Senator Klein could be of assistance.

As soon as he learned of Germani’s problem, he reached out to HIP and opened up a complaint on her behalf. After Klein contacted HIP, the insurance company allowed Germani to re-submit her quarterly premiums and her policy was re-instated as soon as the payments were received.

“I am extremely pleased that we were able to get Anita re-instated with her health insurance,” Klein said. “Having health care is very important for everyone and in Anita’s case, it is vital. Nobody should be denied care or services that can improve their well-being, especially if they actually made their payments.”

Anita and her mother were extremely happy that Senator Klein was able to help them so quickly.

“I really felt like I had nowhere else to turn until my mother contacted Senator Klein,” Germani said. “Now I am able to get the care that I need once again.”

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