CCCA gets state order to end pushy real estate tactics

CCCA gets state order to end pushy real estate tactics
Homeowners in the circled zone encompassing Country Club and part of Spencer Estate can now register with the NYS Department of State if they no longer want to receive real estate solicitations.
Photo courtesy of NYS Department of State

Residents of an east Bronx community who are tired of pushy real estate tactics can now register for relief.

The Country Club Civic Association is urging homeowners in its community and part of Spencer Estate to visit the NYS Department of State website or call the agency to request a form if they no longer wish to receive real estate solicitations.

Bruckner Boulevard, Griswold and Layton avenues and Eastchester Bay, a DOS spokeswoman and Michael McNerney, Country Club Civic Association president said, incorporate the zone, and homeowners living within have been eligible to enroll since October of last year.

Enforcement began on Monday, January 1, said McNerney.

The DOS spokeswoman stated in an e-mail that as of last week the “department has not yet received any consumer complaints or issued any fines.”

McNerney is urging all to sign up for the protection from “repeated and intense solicitations” to sell their property after the CCCA fought vigorously to collect evidence of mail and phone assaults and testified at public hearings.

“This is the time for us to start educating people to let them know that we have this cease and desist order in play and that its imperative for them to sign up,” said McNerney, adding “The Country Club Civic Association worked extremely hard over the past few years to get this back in our community.”

Many homeowners wrongly assume that they are already covered and enrolled from previous signups, he said.

He said it is also important to get the word out to local real estate agencies that the order is in effect for five years, and they could be subjecting themselves to hefty fines if they solicit a registered homeowner.

“Obviously (the real estate industry) did not want to see this happen, but ultimately we were victorious,” said the civic leader, who said as more people sign up he expects an abatement in the solicitations, which are either hand delivered or through the mail.

McNerney said that while he knows other nearby communities would like a similar zone for their communities, including Waterbury-LaSalle and Throggs Neck, the communities mentioned are he only areas in the borough covered by this order.

He wants it to be a success so that in five years, when the order expires, the group can reapply.

McNerney said that Senator Jeff Klein’s office was especially helpful to the civic association as they went through the process of establishing the zone.

The senator said he is proud that after working with the CCCA and the state, that Country Club and part of Spencer Estate were declared a cease and desist zone.

“The next step is for residents to enroll in the Department of State issued cease and desist list, which my office can assist with,” said Klein. “Without doing so, residents will continue to receive unwanted real estate solicitations.”

Klein’s office will be sending a mailer to residents in the affected area, and constituents can reach his office at (718) 822-2049.

McNerney will be discussing the matter at the next CCCA meeting on Wednesday, January 24 and by word-of-mouth and door-to-door.

Maps of the zones and additional information are available at, according to DOS.

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