CB 10 votes to reopen Harding Ave. onramp

Community Board 10 has voted to reopen an entrance to the Throgs Neck Expressway at Harding Avenue for four hours during weekend evenings hours in order to aid a local catering hall. The new plan has the board also requesting signage that would seek to curtail trucks cutting through residential streets.

CB 10 voted overwhelmingly on Thursday, June 17 to request that MTA Bridge and Tunnels open the Harding Avenue eastbound onramp to the expressway, currently closed on weekends, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. The board also requested the Department of Transportation erect signage along the Throgs Neck Expressway service road between East Tremont and Harding avenues indicating that truck traffic on the residential streets is prohibited except for local deliveries. CB 10 also requested that signage be placed at the onramp alerting motorists of the change.

The vote, with the request for signage, is part of a compromise worked out by Senator Jeff Klein and community groups in order to help Marina del Rey catering hall, at 1 Marina Drive, give their home-bound patrons easy access to the Throgs Neck Bridge. The idea, once approved by MTA Bridge and Tunnels, will be carried out on a six-month trial basis.

“Over the past few months, my office has been assisting Marina Del Rey with having the Harding Avenue entrance to the Throgs Neck Expressway reopened for a few hours each day, during the dead of night,” Klein said. “I am uniquely sensitive to the concerns of my communities in this area: Schuyler Hill, Throggs Neck, Locust Point and Silver Beach. My office has been in contact with all of these communties and leaders to minimize any impact this could have on quality of life.”

The Harding Avenue onramp to the Throgs Neck Expressway’s toll plaza had been closed on weekends for more than 10 years after tractor trailer trucks and cars, looking to cut around toll plaza traffic, had been using the service road as a shortcut. The community board asked Klein to request that the signs be erected to help mitigate potential issues with the seven-block stretch being used as a shortcut.

“Additionally, the community board asked my office to request the Department of Transportation install signs saying ‘No Thru Traffic Except Local Deliveries’ along the expressway service road from East Tremont to Harding avenues, which we did last week,” Klein stated. “We will continue to monitor the situation and work closely with all residents should any issue arise.”

DOT spokesman Monty Dean said the agency is reviewing Klein’s letter and will be working with MTA Bridge and Tunnels on the matter. Catherine Sweeney, spokeswoman for MTA Bridges and Tunnels noted that since it was CB 10 that originally requested that the ramp be closed on weekends, board approval would be necessary to consider reopening it.

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