Castle Hill woman’s weight loss called ‘inspirational’

Before and after photos of Dawn Gordon show her dramatic weight loss. Photos courtesy of Weight Watchers

A Castle Hill woman has been named a Weight Watchers Inspiring Stories of Change Contest Finalist. Dawn Gordon shed 106 pounds in two years and wants to share her story.

Gordon has waged a battle of the bulge for most of her life. Her family history includes diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and back problems: all ailments associated with obesity, she explained.

Gordon joined an on-the-job Weight Watchers group in October 2007. A co-worker turned her on to the program. After joining the group, Gordon’s weight dropped from just over 261 pounds to 155 pounds.

“Being around people I knew instead of group of total strangers really helped put me at ease,” Gordon said. “We talk about what works and how you handle each different situation when it comes to food. We also discuss recipes. The meetings are very supportive. Sometimes by hearing someone else talk about what you’re going through, you realize you’re not alone.”

Weight Watchers saved Gordon pain and money. Before she joined the group, she considered weight loss surgery. Gordon had never been able to lose and keep off more than 40 pounds, although she’d tried several diets.

To Gordon’s surprise, the Weight Watchers program worked wonders. She learned how to control her diet and maintain a healthy existence. Gordon remade her life step by step. She began to cook meals based on the Weight Watchers calorie point system, and added exercise to her daily routine.

“Planning ahead and cooking at home lets me control what I put into my body,” Gordon said.

Gordon used Weight Watchers: My Turnaround Program Cookbook to pick healthy foods. Her cholesterol is down more than 50 points, her sons have learned a healthy lesson and Gordon plans to stay thin.

”Now I’m a cardio aerobics junkie,” she said. “I work out at the YMCA on Castle Hill Avenue.”

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