Cars squat on Ampere

A covered Chevrolet Impala has been parked in the same spot on Ampere Avenue for more than a year and a black Honda Accord (above) has been parked on Outlook Avenue since early May, according to one Spencer Estate resident. Photos by Victor Chu

A blue Chevrolet Impala remains parked on the street in Spencer Estate where it has languished for more than a year, according to neighbor and Spencer Estate Civic Association acting vice president Ronnie Clough.

At the Spencer Estate Civic Association meeting on June 17, Clough asked 45th Precinct Captain Dimitrios Roumeliotis to have the car removed.

It had not been removed as of Monday, June 22, Clough said. According to Clough, the car belongs to the son of an Outlook Avenue resident.

It is parked on Ampere Avenue, near Outlook. Months ago Clough observed red gas canisters inside the car.

She hopes the 45th Precinct will handle the car before it drives the neighborhood to conflict. Parking is precious in Spencer Estate.

“I talked to a traffic cop,” Clough said. “I was told, ‘The car is legally parked. There is nothing we can do.’ But [the owner] has three cars parked in the neighborhood. It isn’t a hobby – he doesn’t work on the car. It’s an eyesore.”

A damaged black Honda Accord on Outlook near Ampere belongs to the same man, Clough said. It has been parked in the spot since early May. According to Clough, the owner does not live in Spencer Estate.

“He’s taking parking away from taxpayers who do live in the neighborhood,” she said.

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