Bronx Red Hat Roses catch the bus

The Bronx Red Hat Roses were happy that Senator Klein came through with monies to fund their bus trip to a resort in Pennsylvania. Photo by Victor Chu

They wanted to hire a bus for a day trip to Pennsylvania, but found that the cost of the fare would break the bank. However, thanks to some quick thinking, now the group of senior ladies will be hearing an “all aboard!”

Ann Marie Correale was organizing a trip for her club to the Mt. Haven Restaurant and Resort in Milford, PA where the group can enjoy scenic landscapes, majestic rivers, and a Frank Sinatra impersonator.

Unfortunately, the 23 ladies who are part the Bronx Red Hat Roses, a chapter of the international “red hat” society for women over 50 years of age, would be unable to make the day trip because an $850 bus bill priced out the group. Many of the Bronx Hat Red Roses are seniors living on fixed incomes.

Correale said that without the help of an outside source of funding, the group would not be embarking from the Bronx at 8 a.m. on Friday, June 26.

“I had planned this trip for about a month and half and we just needed someone to respond and come through with funding for the bus,” said Correale, the leader of the Bronx Red Hat Roses chapter. “If Senator Jeff Klein did not come through with the bus, we probably wouldn’t have been able to go. It was because of his generosity that we are making this fabulous trip.”

Correale said that now her group would be able to enjoy the rural scenery at the Pocono-area resort, including a full schedule of different activities.

“It costs about $35 per person for us to be at the resort for the day,” Correale said. “We couldn’t afford that on top of the bus fare. Now, all we have to do is give the bus driver a tip. All in all, it should cost us about $40 each.”

For his part, Senator Klein said that providing funding for this outdoor expedition is part and parcel of the work he does for his constituents.

“I am happy to support the Bronx Red Hat Roses and the transportation for their trip,” Klein said. “During these tough fiscal times, it’s important that all of our groups – from civic associations to senior groups – stay active and strengthen our communities.”

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