Bronx Charter Schools launch ‘Thank a Teacher’ campaign amid 2020 education challenges

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues making all elements of everyday life challenging, particularly for all involved in the field of education across New York City, Bronx public charter schools launched a holiday campaign to thank teachers for their sacrifices during the 2020 crisis.

Called the “Thank a Teacher” campaign, it includes a digital video ad, as well as a website which allows parents and families to send notes of thanks and encouragement to teachers at all types of Bronx schools.

The charter school group said that as result of remote learning, Bronx communities came together to recognize the dedication and sacrifices of countless teachers across the borough — regardless of if they are educating our kids at home or in a classroom, at public, charter or private schools.

“Our teachers have been lifelines for so many families during this pandemic,” said Janelle Bradshaw, CEO at Public Prep. “Throughout the borough, teachers have shown resilience and determination. This pandemic has required everyone to adapt to new circumstances, and we thank our educators for continuing to support our students’ academic success and educational journey.”

Founder of Mott Haven Academy, Jessica Nauiokas called teachers heroes during this trying time, saying “regardless of the situation, they have made it clear that they are committed to students’ excellence and education. They’ve proven that their impact on students’ lives goes beyond the traditional classroom. They are our children’s cheerleaders, role models and support systems. We’re so proud of all that they’ve done during such a difficult time,”

That sentiment was reiterated by Jai Nanda, founder and executive director at Urban Dove, who said “without our teachers, our students would be at a grave educational disadvantage. Their sacrifice has made all the difference.”

Lester Long, executive director at Classical Charter Schools even compared teachers to doctors, nurses and first-responders.
“Our local teachers are frontline heroes who have not stopped working during the pandemic,” Long said. “We cannot thank our teachers enough for stepping in and stepping during this time. You have made all the difference in our students’ lives.

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