Bronx Chamber & Ridgewood Bank Host Small Business Financial Workshop

(l-r) Ridgewood Savings Bank’s Maria Janes, Terri-Anne Davis, Vivian Matos and Matthew Garrett; Joseph Kelleher, Simone Metro Properties president and Chamber chairman; Vanessa Baijnauth, Ridgewood Savings Bank small business specialist; Domenico Ciaccio, Ridgewood Savings Bank assistant vice president; Nunzio Del Greco, Chamber president; Tahmeed Khan, Ridgewood Savings Bank branch banking officer; Javier Lopez, Customer Service, Ridgewood Savings Bank customer service and Miguel Abreu, Ridgewood Savings Bank employee.
Photo by Laura Stone

The Bronx Chamber of Commerce and Ridgewood Savings Bank hosted a free Small Business Financial Workshop on Thursday, August 18 at the Hutchinson Metro Center. Attendees had the opportunity to meet Ridgewood’s Small Business specialists Vanessa Baijnauth and Victoria Rajos, learn the importance of successful business planning and network with other small business owners.

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