Bronx bands find new sanctuary

Tired of the smoldering heat and wandering vermin, Bronx musician Steven Gallegos decided to take matters into his own hands with the creation of SoBro Studios.

For more than 15 years, Gallegos said he’s played in a variety of bands, always wishing for a higher-quality practice space.

“I used to jam with my bands in the rattiest of the rattiest,” he explained about a highly used Manhattan studio space that’s price tag includes broken equipment, a lack of air conditioning and frequent mice visits.

Nonetheless the said, “They still get their business because there’s nothing better around.”

Until now.

“This place just seemed like the right fit,” Gallegos explained about the nearly 2,000 square feet of space he acquired at 11 Bruckner Boulevard, after searching for property for almost a year.

He said the old artist loft immediately grabbed his attention as a perfect location for the studio because of both its close proximity to the highway and its relative position in a growing artist neighborhood.

After hours upon hours of sweat equity, Gallegos said he has three of the studio’s five practice spaces complete.

Equipped with drums, amplifiers, microphones, live CD recorders and air conditioning, to name a few amenities, SoBro Studios offers premiere rehearsal space for any interested musicians.

“It’s a sanctuary of sound,” Gallegos explained, further stating that a productive practice can make or break a band’s future chances at success.

Also understanding the recent influx of youth in the music arena, Gallegos said he’s more than happy to introduce and assist new artists with unfamiliar equipment.

“We’re very, very hospitable,” he said, laughing about the extent of his willingness to fetch water for thirsty patrons.

So accommodating, in fact, that Gallegos offered to help alleviate any musical conflicts that may arise in the home by inviting the newest and least-experienced musicians to play at the space.

“Some of them think to be in a band you have to play really, really loud,” he commented, recalling his younger days.

Noisy or not, with three to four thick layers of soundproof material in each rehearsal space, SoBro Studios can take the punishment.

Available for rent are four rehearsal spaces, at $20 per hour, with the first hour free for first timers, as well as a monthly room at $500.

The studio space is open 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. seven days a week. To reserve a room, contact Gallegos at or call (718) 758-4033. For more information, visit or

Steven Gallegos

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