Bronx attorney writes legal thriller

The Blue Folio, a recently published political thriller.
Courtesy of Matthew McMahon

Bronx attorney Matt McMahon has written a legal thriller inspired by the current political climate.

McMahon recently published his first novel, titled ‘The Blue Folio’, which draws on his knowledge as a trial lawyer to create intriguing courtroom drama.

McMahon, who grew up in the Bronx, is a partner with accident law firm of McMahon & McCarthy, which has offices in Woodlawn and Westchester Square.

The book, is set in the near future, and tells the story about how the American people call for a second constitutional convention in 2037, the 250th anniversary of the first convention.

The goal of the new constitution is to return the government from the grips of corporate interests back to the hands of the American people.

But 22 years later, in 2059, the government is under strain as the president is put on trial for high treason under the laws of the rewritten constitution, and is facing the death penalty.

The political thriller follows the story of a morally ambiguous attorney to the president, Bill Waverly, as he navigates the situation, where corporate interests have shifted from the forefront of government into the shadows.

“It’s courtroom drama at the highest stakes,” McMahon said about the book, which takes you inside a trial lawyer’s head.

And although the book explores tricky political and legal issues, McMahon said it’s an easy read.

“It’s written to be very understandable and entertaining,” he said.

The idea for the book came to McMahon 10 or 12 years ago, when he noticed that the political climate had become much more polarized.

“It became almost impossible talk to about politics,” he said. “People get so angry and make it so personal.”

He started thinking hard about how the political situation—with historic disapproval rates—had developed, and how it could change. It couldn’t be altered by ordinary political means, he said, since politicians are benefiting from the status quo. He became interested in the idea of a second constitutional convention.

And although politics are at the core of the book, McMahon said the story is not geared toward either political party.

“It’s very apolitical in the sense it doesn’t take a liberal or conservative standpoint,” he said.

McMahon said he feels the book would appeal to a wide audience, although fans of authors like Dan Brown might be particularly interested.

“It’s a gripping thriller,” he said.

‘The Blue Folio was recently released by independent publisher Black Ostrich Press, and is available at Barne‌sandN‌ or Amazo‌

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Matthew McMahon, lawyer and author of recently published polictical thriller The Blue Folio.
Photo courtesy of Matthew McMahon

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