Boating center opens at SUNY Maritime

(L-r) President of SUNY Maritime Michael A. Alfultis, Congressman Joseph Crowley, president and CEO of Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. Morton S. Bouchard IV and Brendan Bouchard watch the ribboncutting by SUNY Maritime cadets Grant Kennedy and Brian Savage, and vice president of Regulatory Affairs at Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc., Captain Robert Glas on Wednesday, October 15.
Photo courtesy of SUNY Maritime College

SUNY Maritime College has added a brand new attraction as a part of its 140th anniversary year and its perfect for the peninsula on which the campus is located.

More than 100 students, faculty, staff, elected officials and industry leaders gathered at the state university for the official opening of its state-of-the-art Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. Tug & Barge Simulation Center at a ribbon cutting ceremony on Wednesday, October 15.

The simulation center was gifted to Maritime College after being funded by the Bouchard Transportation Company, Inc., a family-owned oil barging business that has a long and rich history with the college.

The Bouchard Transportation Co, Inc. Tug & Barge Simulation Center represents the most updated form of Kongsberg Polaris Bridge simulation technology, and utilizes an industry-inspired bridge console arrangement while also including the latest hydrodynamic ship models and exercise areas.

The center also offers full mission bridge simulators and instruction stations, along with a de-briefing area, where instructors can discuss topics such as navigation, seamanship and bridge resource management skills required in the operation of tugs and barges.

The purpose of this center will be to give attention to the complexities of operating different tugs and barges, which range in size from 3,000 to 12,000 horsepower, and carry all types of accessories.

Training students enrolled at the college are ensured that they will be trained and well educated with this new technology as part of their study program in a controlled but interesting environment.

It is clear, way clearer than the East River, that this center has already generated new opportunities for the college and its students, and better prepares current and future professionals for successful careers in the maritime industry.

“Our students, as well as professionals, now have a wide open opportunity to learn and train in an environment that is both appropriate and helpful for their learning needs in such a specific field of study,” said Terence Kelly, director of Communication at SUNY Maritime College.

This isn’t the first time that Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. has joined forces with Maritime. Each year, Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. awards scholarships to several deserving high school students who are looking towards college. The company has also employed many Maritime alumni following their graduation.

“Throughout its history, the Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. has always been extremely generous when it comes to its support of Maritime College,” said Kelly.

“It is because of this great partnership that SUNY Maritime has had with the Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. over the years that we have been so privileged to receive such an impeccable, state-of-the-art facility.”

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