Andrew Ave. resident irons out a tedious chore

Bronx resident Alejandro Rasuk created the Iron Box in order to provide people with a decorative and more convenient way to complete their daily ironing tasks. Photo by courtesy of Donna Hardiman

A domestic chore just got a lot easier with the recent invention of the Iron Box.

The wooden wall-mounted cabinet contains a fold-down ironing board and shelves for storage to make ironing quick and convenient.

“The unit is an attractive and decorative piece and does not look out of place when installed,” Iron Box creator Alejandro Rasuk said.

Measuring approximately four feet high, 14 inches wide and 10 inches deep, the unit is hinged at the bottom and fastened at the top with magnetic fasteners, much like those used in kitchen cabinets.

With the board hinges also serving as a heat-dispersing panel, the Iron Box utilizes even the smallest features for maximum effect.

“It is a space saver and provides the purpose for which it was designed,” the Andrews Avenue resident added. “Everything needed to iron is in one central place and ready to use at a moment’s notice.”

For added convenience, upon instillation with household wiring, an outlet attached to the outside of the box makes plugging in an iron easy and accessible.

Rasuk said he first thought of the idea while sitting at home at the beginning of 2007.

“I created the first prototype in my house with my own tools,” he explained about the product that he and his family routinely utilize.

Production of the Iron Box, Rasuk explained, will begin as soon as the public and costumer accept the product and see its utility.

Depending on the chosen materials, such as the type of wood used for construction, the price could vary. A base price has not yet been established.

“Costumers will find an Iron Box in every home and every variety store in the United States,” he stated.

Until then, interested parties can request a prototype by visiting

Rasuk urges everyone to give the Iron Box a try and simplify their lives.

He said, “I hope that the costumers find the pleasure to iron again at home and save some money not taking their clothes to the cleaner.”

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