AECOM hosts Mwezi One Exhibit

AECOM hosts Mwezi One Exhibit|AECOM hosts Mwezi One Exhibit|AECOM hosts Mwezi One Exhibit
Photo by Fernando Justiniano|Photo by Fernando Justiniano|Photo by Fernando Justiniano

Albert Einstein College of Medicine hosted an opening reception of its Mwezi One Exhibit on Thursday, March 21 at Forchheimer Building’s D. Samuel Gottesman Library. A collaboration between Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Pelham Lab High School, Kalamba Secondary School, Kenya and the New York-based non-profit Kiboko Projects, the semester-long project combined community and global health experiences for rising second year medical students, with the aim of increasing their cultural humility.

(l-r) Louis M. Weiss, M.D., M.P.H., Albert Einstein’s College of Medicine’s Global Health Center co-director; Jill Raufman, M.S., M.P.H, Einstein Global Health Center associate director; Mark Scheflen, Kiboko Projects founder and Daniel Layer, Pelham Lab High School assistant principal.
Photo by Fernando Justiniano

Jennifer Luk showed off some of the Mwezi One masks.
Photo by Fernando Justiniano