A good ‘tude lands a job

By Mariana Ayerbe

In these trying times the right attitude might also help you get the right job. The fact is, these days many employers are struggling just to stay afloat and so when they look to add someone to their workforce, they are looking to hire not only the person who has the right skills, but the person with the right attitude.

Because many Bronxites have been schooled in the real world of hard knocks, they know what it takes to really roll up your sleeves and get to work. If you can demonstrate that you understand the value of honest work, are willing to work hard, and know how to adapt to today’s ever-changing environment then you just might be a more desirable employee than someone with equal credentials. Also, make sure your prospective employer knows you know the meaning of being a team player. It’s his company, not yours and so it’s your job to fit in with the company, not visa-versa. A team player is a winning player.

For example, while counseling one of our students, I asked what job location she wanted. She smiled and said, “Anywhere a train goes, I can go.” There’s no doubt in my mind, that this student is going to be successful in her search; she is someone who will go far. What employer wouldn’t want an employee like that?

Another way to visualize the meaning of a good attitude is through the concept of flexibility. If the employer gets the idea that you are not flexible, you might not be an employee very long. Too often, job searchers will go into an interview with strong pre-conditions. This is not helpful. Do a lot of listening to what’s important to the employer and be flexible enough to adapt to it.

Certainly no one would expect you to lower your standards for the sake of getting a job, but understanding the meaning of compromise and communicating a sincere positive, enthusiastic attitude just might get you the job you crave. . In the words of Winston Churchill, “attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”

This is the fourth of a six-part series designed to provide job development information during these hard economic times. Next Week: Internships

Mariana Ayerbe, is a Career Advisor in the Monroe College Office of Career advancement. For more information call 800-55-MONROE.

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