Letter: Columnist living in a GOP fantasy world

Photo courtesy Reuters/Jonathan Ernst
Dear Editor, 
I have so far restrained myself on commenting about the hyperpartisan hate-filled nonsense and fantasies appearing in Frank Vernuccio’s column. Why this political hatchet job appears on the civic page is beyond me.
However, it seems to me that these GOP partisans have a very short, selective memory. Trump’s four- year reign of terror was a catastrophic catalogue of failures. Now, predictably attacking Biden and some non-existent “hard left” seems to be the new way for the GOP to project all their failures onto a new scapegoat. The fact is, that the GOP in Congress, led by an unrepentant dictator wannabe, are doing all in their power to stop any progress on the major issues facing our country. This lying and name calling road show is getting old very fast.
Sandi Lusk

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