5-building Webster Commons hits housing lottery

5-building Webster Commons hits housing lottery
Community News Group/ Alex Mitchell

The housing lottery is officially accepting applications for 2016 NYS Assciation For Affordable Housing project of the year.

Adjacent to historic Woodlawn Cemetery, Webster Commons Construction is a 470,000 square foot development located at 3620 Webster Avenue, comprising 484 affordable units in five buildings ranging from nine- to 12-stories, 122 of which will be up for grabs in the lottery.

It’s owned by the NYC Housing Partnership, designed by Aufgang Architects and built by Joy Construction Corporation.

Webster Commons receives tax emption because the NYC Housing Partnership owns the property, contributing to its affordability.

The lottery requirements for household income are at 40 to 110 percent of the area median income (AMI), or between $19,680 and $121,770, annual income, contingent on family size.

Studio units’ monthly rentals begin at $519, one bedrooms at $588, and two bedrooms for $676.

The most expensive units in the Webster Commons lottery are three-bedroom rentals at $1,965 and $1,706 two-bedrooms.

The development is situated on a 2.3 acre parcel just north of Gun Hill Road.

Webster Commons features indoor and outdoor recreation areas, community facilities, above ground on-site parking and a universal pre-k classroom.

The buildings also feature bicycle storage as well as laundry rooms.

Aufgang’s design for Webster Commons includes a creative mixture of colored bricks, panels and various levels of setbacks and terraces along the façade overlooking the famed cemetery.

“As we strive to creatively apply our experience, insights and expertise to the design of our clients’ projects including both affordable and luxury commercial buildings and adaptive re-use designs, we have worked closely with NYSAFAH and its members.” said Ariel Aufgang, AIA, Aufgang Architects principal.

Each building in Webster Commons has its own distinctive stylistic approach.

This vibrant style is welcomed, avoiding the past decades of large affordable projects characterized by multiple large, monolithic buildings whose designs reflected few aesthetic considerations.

The five buildings that compile Webster Commons known as A, B, C, D and E are to accommodate those that qualify for affordable housing, 3620 is building D.

Building C is exclusively for senior housing, according to Aufgang.

Prior to development, the site was owned by the Woodlawn Cemetery for over a century and used as a holding area for headstones from the historic cemetery.

Webster Commons, LLC purchased the site in December 2008.

Joy Construction is experienced working in the borough as well as with the NYC Housing Partnership.

“We’ve had nothing but great experiences working with Joy over the years,” said NYC Housing Partnership COO Shelia Martin. “It’s a joy to work with Joy,” she added.

The company’s extensive Bronx portfolio includes the Aufgang designed St. Ann’s Terrace on 756-820 St. Ann’s Avenue, 1115 Intervale Avenue, 1800 Southern Boulevard, 1150 Tiffany Street, 1340-1356 Louis Niné Boulevard, Intervale Gardens Apartments on 1157A Intervale Avenue, 950 Westchester Avenue, Granite Terrace Apartments on 520 Concord Avenue, 1752-1756 Walton Avenue, 112 Henwood Avenue and 3170 Webster Avenue among others.

“The board overwhelmingly approved the construction of Webster Commons,” said Karl Stricker, Community Board 12 second vice chairman and CB 12 Land Use Committee chairman.

“This project will make it possible for Bronxites to afford to stay in our borough,” said Councilman Andrew Cohen.