45th Pct. fights auto theft rise

With auto theft on the rise in all parts of the 45th Precinct, the Police Department is again calling on the community to participate in the different, free decal programs available to combat auto theft.

Auto theft in the 45th has shown a 26.8% jump through February 15 –when compared to the same time period last year.

According to police officer Anne Marie Morrison, of community affairs for the 45th, the jump has prompted renewed interest in the various programs the police department offers to fight grand larceny auto.

“Grand larceny auto is up throughout the 45th Precinct command,” Morrison said. “The commanding officer wants the public to know what they can do to fight auto theft.”

This includes the popular Vehicle Identification Number etching program that the police department offers for free. It is available by appointment on Saturdays at the 45th Precinct.

Crime prevention officer Pasqaule Pappalardi runs the 45th Precinct’s program, which puts each auto’s unique identification number on the car’s windows.

The NYPD also offers three other very innovative programs called C.A.T. – Combat Auto Theft, Commuter C.A.T., and H.E.A.T., all of which are decal programs. The programs are voluntary and free.

Combat Auto Theft gives officers an added indicator of what to be on the lookout if a particular make and model of a car is stolen in a given command, and invites a car being pulled over for random checks to make sure the owner is driving.

Commuter C.A.T.’s sticker lets officers know if that if a car is being driven during regular business hours, it may be stolen – because its owner should be at work.

H.E.A.T. – Help End Auto Theft – is a program for senior citizens where a decal is put in their car’s window so if a younger person is driving the vehicle it can be easily identified.

Overall Grand Larceny Auto is down by 78.5% since 1993 in the 45th Precinct.

For further information call regarding programs to fight auto theft call the 45th Precinct at (718) 822 –5487.

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