$2.2 million grant allocated for school tech upgrades

$2.2 million grant allocated for school tech upgrades
M.S. 101 The Edward R. Byrne School will be one of 24 schools in District 8 to receive funding for technology upgrades.
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All 24 elementary and K-8 schools in the 13th Councilmatic District will soon be the recipient of new technology upgrades, thanks to a council member.

Last week, Councilman James Vacca announced that a grant of $2.2 million was allocated to provide technology upgrades for the schools.

The grant, which was funded through Resolution A and approved by the New York City Council, will assist in updating each school’s set of electronics and technology, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, Smart Boards, Smart Tables, WiFi, as well as infrastructure upgrades.

These improvements will greatly benefit each District 13 school and help the students learn to the best of their capabilities, now that these schools will be equipped with updated technology.

“With these upgrades, my students will have the opportunity to become more engaged and interactive during classes, particularly for science and writing courses,” said Jared Rosoff, M.S. 101 The Edward R. Byrne School’s principal for the past four years. “I am very thankful to Councilman Vacca, his office for recognizing how important education is in our society and taking action by providing the right ‘tools’ for them so they can learn in the best possible way.”

Rosoff added that each of the school’s 24 classrooms will be able to receive technology upgrades as a result of the funding.

“These improvements will make sure my students are college- and career-ready, and it is clear Vacca understands the major impact that technology plays for students in school and even after they graduate and go into the job market,” added Rosoff.

“We haven’t always had access to the most advanced technology for our students, so this is very exciting for our school,” said Katheleen Bornkamp, P.S. 97’s principal for the past ten years, whose school will look to purchase new desktops, laptops and Smart Boards including advanced features and gadgets for every grade with the funding.

“Vacca is one of the most impressive people in this community when it comes to supporting his community and its children – whenever we have needed something from him he has never let us down.”

According to Bornkamp, Vacca was also spearheaded the implementation of a traffic light in front of the school after a student was hit by a car, as well funding towards the school’s library.

“These improvements will greatly empower the schools and students in our community,” said Vacca, who is also the chairman of the NYC Council Technology Committee. “The Department of Education is not always able to provide resources to its schools, which results in a negative impact for students, so this funding definitely makes a difference and will yield powerful results.”

Many of the technology upgrades will be present in schools in early September, at the beginning of the school year.

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