18 cops added to 45th

A desperate community cry for an increased police presence was recently answered with the addition of 18 new cops in the 45th Precinct.

“It’s a wonderful thing,” Community Board 10 district manager Ken Kearns said upon hearing the news. “We welcome them and they’ll be a great addition to the community.”

Councilman Jimmy Vacca, who continually fights for an increase in precinct staff, said he too is pleased with the long overdo influx.

“The 45th Precinct has been historically shortchanged when it comes to divvying out resources, and even with these additions it’s operating at manpower levels that I do not consider adequate,” he said.

Vacca pointed out that the precinct is understaffed nine months out of the year, especially during the summer when the workforce is stretched extremely thin, as many of the officers are temporarily reassigned to pools, beaches and ballgames throughout the city.

He also stated that from January 2007 to January 2008 in the 45th Precinct, robbery spiked 173.3% with overall crime rising 59.9%, making a need for additional officers even more necessary.  In fact, more would be welcomed. 

“While I’m happy that the police department seems to be recognizing our need for more cops, I will continue pushing for a greater share of graduates from the next academy,” Vacca said.

It’s been more than a year since the precinct received any recruits, however, Kearns said the new workforce, which come from Impact Zones, should easily fill the gap.

As a result, the 45th Precinct will be receiving highly-skilled officers who have already received a great deal of experience in only a short amount of time on the force. 

 “Keeping our neighborhoods safe is a top priority and I’m pleased that the NYPD demonstrably shares that goal,” said Senator Jeff Klein. “We’ve been fighting for more police officers for years and this influx of fresh talent will greatly improve our community.”

Routinely recognizing excellent police work through his Cop of the Month program, Klein added, “Both the 4-9 and 4-5 cover residential areas that suffer from quality of life concerns as well as criminal activity.”

So while local elected officials continue to push for more cops in the 45th Precinct, they appreciate what they have at present.

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