November 19, 2009: 2009, Issue 47
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Lights return to Westchester Square

For the second year in a row, the Merchants and Business Professionals of Westchester Square are preparing to brighten up the holiday season with decorative lights.

Last year, for the first time in many years, Westchester Square streets were lit up with seven strands of holiday lights.

“They were strategically placed around the square and made a very nice impression on everyone in the neighborhood,” said Joe Regina, secretary of the Merchants and Business Professionals of Westchester Square.  “We hadn’t had lights here in a dozen years. They were a positive addition.”

Neighbors loved the holiday cheer and urged the association to spring for the money to install the lights again.

“We expect to double what we had last year and put on an even bigger and better spectacle,” said Regina.  “We’re making sure that all the avenues leading into Westchester Square have ‘seasons greetings’ above them.”

The residents need not pay for the lights. Dues-paying Westchester Square merchants will foot the bill.

“The lights enhance the neighborhood and contribute to commercial revitalization,” Regina said.  “Little by little, all the pieces are coming together and we are seeing positive results.  The lights add a different flavor to the area, and excite both the merchant and shopper alike.” 

Regina expects the lights to be up and lit by Thanksgiving.

 “We’re trying to bring holiday cheer back to Westchester Square, which is something we can all use during these tougher times,” he said.  “It’s a way of looking forward to better things down the road.”

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