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14’s principal: fresh ideas, solid success

Though new leadership at P.S. 14 promises fresh ideas for the 2008-2009 school year, the first time principal said he’s going to strive to keep things as they are – solidly successful.

“The main goal is to maintain the great things that are already set up here,” new principal Jason M. Kovac said, referencing what he called a strong academic institution that hosts a solid foundation of parental support. “There’s no reason this school can’t be the best in the city.”

And he has every intention to make it just that.

“I think it’s so important for a school to find the right person for the position, but for me I felt like this is the perfect fit,” Kovac explained. “P.S. 14 is an amazing school and I was fortunate enough to end up here.”

Robert Guzzio, who recently retired after his sixth year at the Bruckner Boulevard, where he led the school as principal for the past two years, said he sees Kovac as the right man for the job.

“I really think he will continue to run P.S. 14 in the way we’ve grown over the years,” he said.

Kovac, a New Jersey resident, is no stranger to the Bronx, and began his career in education at P.S. 204, located in the Morris Heights community, in 2001, where he taught fourth and fifth grade for five years.

From there he entered the New York City Leadership Academy and conducted a yearlong internship at P.S. 121, located on Throop Avenue.

The 14-month program proved successful when Kovac accepted an assistant principal position at M.S. 308, on Bainbridge Avenue, where he continued to hone his management skills last year.

“I think it was nice that I got that role as assistant principal,” Kovac explained. “That will help me in my role here.”

Guzzio agreed that his successor’s previous positions would enable him to fully preserve the school’s mission and guide the students down an academic path of excellence.

“We feel P.S. 14 is a very successful school with a very open and embracing atmosphere,” Guzzio explained. “And we think that Mr. Kovac has the personality, the knowledge and the skills to maintain the school’s growth while continuing to lead their successes in the future.”

Anticipating the arrival of his students this fall, the newly hired P.S. 14 principal said he’s eager to meet the youngsters and continue the school’s path to greatness.

“Right now I’m [looking forward to meeting] the students,” Kovac said about his anticipation for the school year to begin. “What makes a school come alive are the students.”


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