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Scam security system removed from seniors’ home

When a slick salesperson convinced two elderly Paine Street residents to buy a security system they didn’t need, they all but lost hope that their money and dignity would ever be retrieved.

Now, thanks Senator Jeff Klein, the two sisters, Adeline and Nancy Cervone, who are both over 85-years-old, have had the Platinum Protection security system they didn’t want  removed from their home at no charge.

“We pressured the company to remove the system and give a refund to the two sisters,” said Klein. “We called the company after filing a complaint with the New York State Consumer Protection Board. Hopefully, no one will patronize Platinum Protection in the future.”

The device was removed on Monday, August 18, and now the Cervones are currently awaiting their refund. 

“Platinum Protection came and removed the box and wiring from my home, and now my house is the way it is supposed to be,” explained Adeline Cervone, 88.

Klein’s office also worked with Platinum Protection to have a similar device removed from Thomas Alessandro’s Throggs Neck home after the 89-year-old resident complained about the overly aggressive sales approach that apparently targeted seniors specifically. 

Klein’s office has received confirmation that the company will be issuing refunds in the near future to both Alessandro and the Cervone sisters. 

 “The people who lost the money got it back, and now we are pursuing the matter to make sure that it doesn’t happen again,” Klein noted. “All of the people in my district are hardworking, and seniors especially have to be vigilant when it comes to money matters.”

The Cervone sisters say that they believe the security system was not very effective at all. 

“Platinum Protection did not alarm the house properly,” Adeline said, “because they only alarmed a few points on the ground floor, and none on the second floor.  It didn’t make me feel safe at all.” 

According to Adeline, they had fallen prey to a slick salesman who cited a rise in crime in the area just as the two sisters were about to leave for a vacation.

As fast as the salesman pushed the two sisters into a lengthy contract commitment with a hefty cancellation fee, the Cervone sisters are now rushing to get the word out to others who may fall victim to this company.

“The people from Platinum were anxious to get it installed, all in one day,” Adeline noted. “I am so delighted to see it gone. Now I have my house back again.”

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