Triboro Center’s St. Patrick’s Day Festivities

St Patty’s Day 2021 2.v1
Residents at the Triboro Center celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
Photos courtesy of Triboro Center

The staff had a great time with the residents on Sta. Patrick’s Day this year and leprechaun and four-leaf clover hats and bow ties filled the hallways at the Teller Avenue rehabilitation center.

Residents and staff had shortbread cookies and cream soda and there even was a “ride-able” leprechaun.  Staff had many reasons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, as the facility is COVID-19 free, plus nearly 200 residents and 57 staff members have survived the virus.

“Spring is just about here and everyone is feeling good this St. Patty’s Day 2021,” said Rose Ferreira, recreation director.  We are so happy that the residents had an excellent time.”

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