New restaurant brings Puerto Rico to the Bronx

A new restaurant is bringing Puerto Rico and its unique style of cuisine to the Bronx.

Made In Puerto Rico, located at 3363 E. Tremont Avenue, provides a number of different menu choices along with an exciting setting.

The restaurant, which opened on May 28, offers latin cuisine (mostly Puerto Rican) dishes including beef, chicken, seafood, rice, soups and salads. Recommended dishes from the menu include Monfongo de Pernil and Fongo de Camaron.

Although primarily based on Puerto Rican cuisine, the restaurant also serves Mexican-influenced dishes, such as a guacamole appetizer.

Popular drinks from the restaurant include a variety of cocktails, from different flavored Margaritas and Mojitos or Sangria.

The Puerto Rican punch is also a popular choice among customers.

The atmosphere of the restaurant gives off a calm but exciting vibe, and includes music, a sports bar, and lights that change color throughout the restaurant during nighttime hours.

A scenic view of NYC can be seen either entering or leaving the restaurant, particularly at night.

The restaurant’s happy hour takes place everyday from 4 to 8 p.m.

Salsa nights take place on Monday nights. The restaurant also holds Kareoke on Tuesday nights, where the restaurant plays classics from all genres.

“There is a lot of potential in this area (East Tremont Avenue), an area that has seen a big increase in the Latino population in the last decade – so we felt that it was a great opportunity to base a Latin cuisine-based restaurant in this location,” said manager Manuel Ortega. “We have received a lot of good feedback from our customers who have said they love the food and the atmosphere.”

The atmosphere can be quite reminiscent at times, according to manager Armando Ortega, who worked at the locations previous establishment, ‘787’, another latin-style eatery.

“We had a customer come into our restaurant who said the food was so delicious that she thought it was her mother’s cooking,” Armando said. “Then we learned that her mom had passed away a year ago – but it made her so emotionally happy to be brought back to her childhood with our cuisine.”

“This is a fantastic place that can only get better with time,” said manager Johnathon Torres. “The food is great, the drink menu is unlimited, and the restaurant provides a great atmosphere and ambience.”

“It’s a good place to come and hang out,” said regular customer Mike Mujaj, who lives right near the restaurant. “It’s a nice atmosphere and I really enjoy myself every time I come here, whether I’m here for dinner or to sit at the bar.”

“I encourage diners to come to our new restaurant and check it out, and most importantly, enjoy it,” Armando said.

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