Letter: Vernuccio column is intellectually dishonest

Coronavirus State of Emergency: U.S. Supreme Court
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To the Editor,
Snippets demonstrating the intellectual dishonesty of the resident right-wing columnist from the July 16 edition of the Bronx Times:
 1. Progressives seek to diminish the constitutional form of government. Evidence offered, none. In his view, Conservatives are the only true patriots and since Progressives have a differing viewpoint they are a danger to our form of government.
2.  Progressives weaken the structure of the Supreme Court. Evidence offered, none. No mention of Republicans ramming through appointments of unqualified, right wing jurists.
3. Progressives propagate falsehoods about the past. Evidence offered, none. Recently, the gentleman extolled the 1776 Report which reduces history to hero worship, while overlooking any evidence that our history is not 100% flawless. Propaganda in education, new concerns about deficit spending and every “talking point” of his movement are routinely featured, slandering those who are not with his program. Enough already!
Pasqual Pelosi

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