Edgewater Park Labor Day Olympics Swim Races

Girls participating in the 12 to 16-year-old Tire and Tube Race enjoyed a relaxing swim.
Photo by Laura Stone

Edgewater Park residents made waves celebrating their neighborhood’s annual Labor Day Olympics Swim Races on Monday, September 4 at Sandy Beach.

The aquatic sporting event featured several races including the 50 Yard Backstroke, 20 Yard Swim, 100 Yard Swim, 30 Yard Swim, 40 Yard Swim, 50 Yard Swim, 50 Yard Tire and Tube Race, 100 Yard Dungaree Clothes Swim, Orange Gathering Contest, Pancaking Flipping Contest, Potato Peeling Contest, Egg Throwing Contest and Kayak Races for various age groups.

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