Re: ‘Campaigns should pay kids to clean up political signage’

People campaign for mayoral candidate Eric Adams on June 17, 2021.
Photo courtesy Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images
To the Editor,
Re: “Campaigns should pay kids to clean up political signage,” by Larry Penner
First, the author laments “hard working postal employees” being weighed down by campaign mailings. Does the author not understand — especially with the post offi0ce running at record deficits — that campaign mailings pay for postage and help pay the mailperson’s salary?
Second, the author suggests paying a “nominal fee” to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to pick up the signage, which he’s sure they’ll appreciate. A quick check of the website of the Girl Scouts reveals their ages to be kindergarten through high school. I graduated from cub to Boy Scout when I was 12. Exactly how much does the author propose paying them? Any variation in pay, according to age? For how much work? What about the risk of the unvaccinated (or even the vaccinated) being exposed to COVID? Should they pick up signs in high crime areas? What times of the day are we talking about? And what about all the gun violence that has erupted during the past year, with innocent children caught up in the crossfire? What about those children with parents so poor they can’t afford for the children to be in the Scouts? Why restrict it to the Scouts? Who would supervise/chaperone them?
Third, before the author proposes having the Boy-Girl scouts pick up the signage, he suggests winning and losing candidates pick up the signage. Which is it? And why should the New York City taxpayer (eight-to-one matching campaign funds) pay for this? Why not have the candidates themselves pick up the signage? The author is always saying TANSTAAFL, or there ain’t no such thing as a free lu0nch. If the candidates themselves pick up signs there would be a free lunch, or a free cleanup.
P.S.: In my area, Parkchester, I didn’t see many signs and materials littering the streets.
Nat Weiner,

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