Waterbury LaSalle Community Association

Our first meeting for 2010 will be on March 11tat 7:30 p.m. at PS 14 on Bruckner Boulevard and Hollywood Avenue.Please invite your friends and neighbors.We will have several give-aways to get our members ready for spring.Yes, it really is coming!

Senator Klein will be our guest speaker along with Rene Aponte and Barbara Robles-Gonzales from the Bronx D.A.’s office.Together they will explain how our community can keep graffiti under control.Among other things they will discuss the Graffiti Monitoring Program.As a part of this program, people will attend the court proceedings of graffiti offenders for the purpose of convincing the judge that he should sentence graffiti offenders strictly and appropriately.In this way, graffiti offenders will know that we take this crime seriously.All you have to do is come to court and wear the tee shirt that we will give you.You do not have to speak.

We hope to see you at this important meeting.Remember, graffiti hurts!

Brain Health

As most of you know, I am always on the lookout for new and interesting research that can help us live healthier lives in a more natural way.Recently, a group of scientists in Bethesda Maryland found a way to dramatically speed up the recovery time in brain injured people.They fed their brain injured subjects branched chain amino acids—leucine, isoleucine and valine and discovered that this group fared very much better than the group receiving the placebo.

Following a brain injury, it was found that levels of these amino acids, which are necessary for producing compounds that transmit nerve impulses, were low.After only five days, the levels of those on the protein drink containing these amino acids returned to normal and resulted in a restoration of cognitive performance.

We probably all know someone that has had a stroke or perhaps has experienced decreased memory loss, please pass this information on to them.If you would like to keep your brain functioning at its highest level why not try a daily protein shake—even Dr. Oz recommends it!

Parkinson’s Disease?

There is no doubt that Parkinson’s is on the rise, but there’s also a high number of misdiagnosed cases.A study done in the United Kingdom determined that at least 1 in every 20 patients taking medication for Parkinson’s is misdiagnosed, and these patients have been taking anti-Parkinson’s drugs for six years on average.

The problem is that when a doctor sees tremors he associates that with Parkinson’s and immediately places the patient on powerful medications sometimes with devastating effects.

In fact, there are numerous causes of tremors.According to the research, there could be over 50,000 individuals in the U.S. taking these medications unnecessarily.So, if you have or think you have Parkinson’s or tremors, please get a second or third opinion!


We need you!And you need us.Together we can improve the quality of life for all.Come on give volunteering a try.My only warning is that it’s addicting!You just may fall in love with making your community a better place to live.My suggestion—bring your children with you!Kids love hands on activities and there’s no better way to teach a love of community than community service.

We need people to paint mailboxes, work with the tree planters on Crosby Avenue, help with our tree give-away and deliver flyers in the neighborhood.Come on—join us.You’ll be glad you did!Call me today at (718) 792-6385.


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