Spencer Estate Civic Association

Our November meeting was highlighted by the reports of the intersection of Ampere Avenue and Stadium Avenue becoming a death valley unless some remedy to curb the reckless driving is not taken. The stop signs that are there are not doing the job.

Robert Menchino brought the whole problem up in an eloquent speech. He mentioned drivers not observing stop signs and showing no regard for the law.

Nivardo Lopes, from the office of  Councilman James Vacca, described how his office is working on the problem (with great success).

A report from the office of Senator Jeff Klein, via his representative Jasmin Salih, was presented.

A rally is being called regarding losing the bus service on Ampere Avenue. Many of our residents are of advanced age and don’t drive. Once more, our elected representatives took up the mantel.

Our Christmas party will be held during our next meeting.

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