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December, 2012

Boro Beat

Boro Prez Diaz takes hits on two community board votes

Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. took two political torpedos last week - both in one night. Read more…
Boro Beat

Outside politickin’ backfires on community board vote

COLUMN UPDATE: Anthony Vitaliano won the race for Community Board 11 chairman Thursday, Dec. 20 in a run-off vote with state Democratic committeeman Joe McManus. Read more…
Boro Beat

Candy canes and coal for the naughty and nice list

Herewith our holiday Naughty and Nice list, earning candy canes or coal. Read more…
Boro Beat

Jeff Klein’s new power puts Bronx in the house

The Bronx is REALLY in the house now - the state Senate, that is. Read more…

November, 2012

Boro Beat

Bickering over ‘new’ City Council district for Bronx

With the City Council due to vote on new district lines before Dec. 7, some folks are wondering if the NYC Districting Commission bent to Council Speaker Chris Quinn’s will - or the newest Bronx councilwoman is just being a whiner. Read more…
Boro Beat

Superstorm Sandy saw Snooki snuggling with sweetie in sunny San Juan

While her constituents were suffering from the rages of Superstorm Sandy, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera was nowhere to be found. Read more…
Boro Beat

Bronx is in divided Senate House

Get ready for some heavy- duty mishegoss in the state Senate, with two Bronx members among those contributing to what is shaping up to be a splintered Democratic conference. Read more…
Boro Beat

It’s aye, aye, aye and bye bye San Juan for Bronx pols

Unless we had a Swami turban and crystal ball, we were frustratingly stuck with a Tuesday afternoon deadline keeping us from running the local winners in the election - and all the concurrent drama (and tragedy) that went with it. Read more…

October, 2012

Boro Beat

Councilwoman behind Dem Boss downfall slapped with 73G campaign tab

The woman behind Assemblyman Jose Rivera’s downfall as Bronx Democratic county leader owes the city Campaign Finance Board some big bux. Read more…
We took a break from the column last week to visit kinfolk, as they say, down in Western North Carolina, where we had the pleasure of once again getting together with Ben Utley, recently retired chairman of the Macon County Democratic Committee there. Read more…
Boro Beat

No bux and bad choices beached Snooki

Sept. 13th Democratic Primary winner Mark Gjonaj outspent Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera 2-1 or better, dropping almost $300,000 for her Morris Park/Allerton seat in the redistricted 80th Assembly District. Read more…

September, 2012

Boro Beat

Naomi victor weighing rival club?

The Liberty Democratic Club, never that friendly with Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, still made nice, working for her in the primary - all for naught. Read more…
Boro Beat

Challenger Gjonaj rocks boytoy scandal Snooki’s world

Well, with those boytoy scandals and her other problems contributing, Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera REALLY did feel the earth move last week. Read more…
Boro Beat

A selfish endorsement for (GULP!) Snooki

It is with mixed feelings that we endorse Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera for reelection. Read more…
Boro Beat

Death in Rivera family shakes up primary campaign

The death of Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera’s sister and Assemblyman Jose Rivera’s daughter last Friday jolted the primary campaign on both sides. Read more…

August, 2012

Boro Beat

Even with Snookigate, Naomi could still be winner

Absentee Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera’s Love Between The Time Sheets scandal just seems to be growing by leaps and bounds, short of the Vatican stepping in to probe her boytoys-on-the-taxpayer-dime ways. Read more…
Boro Beat

Naomi Rivera gets herself into a Snooki tabloid scandal

Who wudda thunk it! Read more…
Boro Beat

September 13 Primary Heats Up

Half the battle for candidates taking on incumbents is surviving petition challenges from party lawyers to make it on the September 13 Primary ballot. Read more…
Boro Beat

Looking at Boro Hall wannabes if Ruben runs for Public Advocate

With Bronx Boro Prez Ruben Diaz Jr. floating a test balloon that he’s WEIGHING a run for Public Advocate, we’ll have some fun playing the political guessing game of who wants to move into the County Building. Read more…

July, 2012

Boro Beat

Boro Prez Diaz weighing Public Advocate run

Public Advocate Read more…
Boro Beat

Assemblyman Jose Rivera could have petition headache

Boro Beat

Loser Espaillat could still be a winner

THE WINNER Read more…
Boro Beat

Rep. Nydia Velazquez out for Naomi Rivera’s blood

Brooklyn Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez, fresh from a victory in the June 26 primary, is out for Naomi Rivera’s blood. Read more…

June, 2012

Boro Beat

It’s party over friendship for Vacca in Snooki race

We expected to see east Bronx Councilman Jimmy Vacca walking around with his arm in a sling after some arm twisting from both sides. This after some early reports he was thinking about staying neutral in the race between Morris Park Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and local Realtor Mark Gjonaj. Read more…
Boro Beat

Club’s support for Snooki turns into family feud

With the battle lines being drawn between Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera and challenger Mark Gjonaj, we hear there’s some grumbling among Liberty Democratic club members over state committeewoman Diane Cerino endorsing and working with Gjonaj. Read more…
Boro Beat

Warneke placed in vets hall of fame

An Iraq war veteran who went from serving his county to servicing his community has has accepted his nomination to be entered into the New York State Senate’s Veterans Hall of Fame. Read more…
Boro Beat

Hassell-Thompson eyeing senate minority leadership

So Bronx state Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson’s chapeau is in the ring to lead the struggling Democratic Conference. Read more…
Boro Beat

Peter Rivera’s nomination for state labor commish in rough waters

We hear Gov. Cuomo’s nomination of Bronx Assemblyman Peter Rivera as new state labor commissioner might be hitting some rough seas. Read more…

May, 2012

Boro Beat

Second anti-Somos gearing up vs. Assembly/Senate Latinos’ San Juan confab

It looks like that musical redistricting plan to potentially line up his assembly seat for son Joel Rivera and keep a potential challenger out isn’t working for Jose Rivera. Read more…
Boro Beat

Thank Ray Kelly for summons slow down

The next time a cop lets you off with a warning and a “have a nice day” over that stop for talking on your cell phone or a broken tail light, thank Bronx D.A. Rob Johnson and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Read more…
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