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Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2008

Bronx Times Reporter

Good to Go: home-style cooking without a stove

On Monday, July 21, they opened their moms’ kitchens to the Morris Park community with the desire to fill every empty stomach with home cooking from the heart. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Pel Bay restaurant stars in indie film

Lucca Fine Italian Cuisine served more than a pair of lovebirds when Brandon and Abby Sanders dined at the eatery on Sunday, July 20 – it transformed into a set for the stars. Read more…

Rock on the Bronx

ITEM: Bronx bassist Eric Mauriello is working harder than ever these days. Eric started playing in the Bronx way back in the day in a band called Paradox. Today he is a busy session and touring bass player plus an up and coming independent producer. Here’s just a few of the things he is currently working on. Read more…
Schneps Community News Group

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