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Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010

Bronx Times Reporter

Bx12 an easy target for sneaky riders

Sneaky Bronxites that ride the Bx12 Select Bus are getting back at the MTA the only way they can: by not paying to ride. Read more…

Bronx bride warns of dress scam

Brides Beware! Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Surf’s up, attendance up at Orchard Beach

The sun came out, and so did the swimmers. Read more…

Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2010

Bronx Times Reporter

New parking lot for future Walgreens

Shoppers get ready, Walgreens is coming to the corner of Williamsbridge Road and Morris Park Avenue. In addition, a new, larger parking lot will handle the shoppers. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Vacca Volunteers clean Pelham Parkway

Councilman Jimmy Vacca’s volunteer corps has completed yet another community project, cleaning away debris and weeds along Pelham Parkway South with over 30 community members that came out to help. Read more…

Truck parking stifles neighborhood

East 239th Street is not a truck stop, but according to residents, dozens of truckers have been treating it like it’s their personal parking lot. Read more…

Hunts plant cuts nitrogen emmissions

The Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant is doing its part to make the East River a thriving habitat once again. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Saplings spruce up expressway

Entering the Throgs Neck Expressway at Blair Avenue will be a much greener experience, now that nearly 30 trees line the entrance. Read more…

Lincoln Hopital recognized for stroke care

Lincoln Hospital can now count itself among an elite group of medical centers for stroke treatment. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Stickball team finally gets fame

A stickball team that was top dog in 1972 is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Members of the team have been inducted into the Stickball Hall of Fame, thanks to help from a local attorney and baseball aficionado. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Homeowner traps wild raccoon

A raccoon that was tearing up pool equipment and patio furniture in Pelham Gardens is no longer on the loose. Read more…

New park honors old printing press

The Parks Department hasn’t forgotten Richard March Hoe, and they’re making sure the next generation of kids won’t forget him, either. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

CB 10 asks for more police

Community Board 10 is seeking additional police to patrol the 45th Precinct. Read more…

BCA kicks off lunchtime concert series

For the next couple Thursdays, you could head to lunch at the Hutch Metro Cafe and get your ears fed along with your stomach. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Morris Park struggles with absentee landlords

Crowded homes. Driveways and streets packed with cars. Messy yards with overgrown gardens. Dishwashers draining water into a neighboring yard. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

After slew of vandalism, building gets Clean Halls

Residents of Janel Towers, a large Westchester Square apartment complex, are excited to learn that they may soon have cleaner halls. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Interclub Races make a splash

Members of beach clubs on Eastchester Bay were off to the races at the annual interclub swimming competition, a tradition in Throggs Neck since 1956, held amid fanfare and fireworks. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Riders outraged by proposed MTA fare hikes

The MTA will be raising fares for the subway, bus, and tolls by January of 2011, and though hearings are still to come that will determine by how much, Bronx residents and elected officials are not pleased. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Fort Schuyler House gets some summer cleaning

Residents of a senior citizen residence and senior center were tired of constantly looking at garbage dumped across the street from their building, and it seemed like no one they contacted could help. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Morris Park café hopes to attract families

Two Morris Park family men weren’t big fans of their local café. So they opened up their own instead. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

MTA considers new Bx8 route

Residents and merchants are cautiously optimistic after meeting with the MTA to discuss the new Bx8 bus route. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Wheelchair dispute leaves teen waiting

The condition of a Country Club teenager suffering from a terminal illness has worsened, creating the need for a new wheelchair. But the girl waits in vain while her mother struggles to deal with various obstacles. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Traffic light woes

A new traffic light installed at the intersection of Balcom Avenue and Bruckner Boulevard has drivers coming to a screeching halt. Read more…
Bronx Times Reporter

Small Bank coming To Pel Bay

A Queens-based bank focused on small businesses will be expanding into the Bronx soon. Read more…
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